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January 19, 2012
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Alert Details: Iranians Threaten Fleet with Submarine Ambush
AlertsUSA Alert Issued January 18, 2012

Widespread Radioactive Contamination of Fish Exports from Japan
January 13, 2012

Scientists: UN Soldiers Brought Deadly Cholera Superbug to Americas
January 12, 2012

Saudi Arabia on Nuclear Watch ?
January 18, 2012

Alert Details:

On Jan 18, 2012, AlertsUSA issued the following Flash message to subscribers:

"FARS News: Iranian RADM Farhad Amiri threatens US fleet with sub ambush, saying vessels can fire missiles and torpedoes "simultaneously."

Some additional info:

"A senior Iranian military commander underlined that the Iranian Navy's subsurface vessels enjoy a high capability to confront enemies' threats, and stated that Iran's submarines are able to ambush and hit enemy vessels specially US Aircraft carriers from the seabed throughout the Persian Gulf."

"For example," he stated, "if an ordinary submarines can sit in the Persian Gulf's bed it would be the worst threat to the enemy."

"That is one of the US concerns since Iranian submarines are noiseless and can easily evade detection as they are equipped with the sonar-evading technology" and can fire missiles and torpedoes simultaneously, he added."

What you need to know:

  • As of June, 2011, Iran's submarine force consists of three Russian Kilo-class diesel-electric submarines (Tareq 901, Noor 902, Yunes 903), one 500-ton Nahang and four 120-ton Yono-class (also referred to as Qadir or Ghadir-class) midget submarines.
  • The Iranian Navy plays a crucial strategic role in Iran's national security architecture due to Tehran's dependence on the Persian Gulf for trade and security. However, its naval forces also operate in the Gulf of Oman, the Caspian Sea and, possibly, the Indian Ocean.

Read an excellent NTI analysis of Iran's submarine capability here.

Read the original FARS News article here.

See our past coverage of the situation with Iran here, here and here.


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Widespread Radioactive Contamination of Fish Exports from Japan
January 13, 2012

The juicy parts:

"Since a tsunami and earthquake destroyed the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant last March, radioactive cesium has consistently been found in 60 to 80 per cent of Japanese fishing catches each month tested by Japan’s Fisheries Agency."

"In November, 65 per cent of the catches tested positive for cesium (a radioactive material created by nuclear reactors), according to a Montreal Gazette analysis of data on the fisheries agency’s website."

"The Montreal Gazette also found that, according to Japanese fisheries data, 16 of 22 seafood species that Japan has exported to Canada was contaminated with radioactive cesium."

"Yet, Japan is the only country that appears to be systematically testing fish for radiation and publicly reporting the results."

"In October, a U.S. study – co-authored by oceanographer Ken Buesseler, a senior scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution – reported cesium levels in the Pacific had gone up an astonishing 45 million times above pre-accident levels. The levels then declined rapidly for a while, but after that, they unexpectedly leveled off."

"In July, cesium levels stopped declining and remained stuck at 10,000 times above pre-accident levels."

What you need to know:

  • We are unaware of any such studies performed on fish exported to the U.S.
  • Logic would dictate that all fish and seafood originating from the Pacific, and in particular, the western Pacific, are suspect.
  • This is one of those situations where even if there is not directive issued from a government agency saying DANGER, the facts of the situation should prompt one to come to the same conclusion on their own:

    • Several oceanside nuclear reactors experienced catastrophic damage and meltdowns following an earthquake and tsunami.

    • What is left of the melted nuclear fuel, as well as the spent fuel pools, must be cooled with water which in turn is made highly radioactive. This water must be stored, decontaminated and reused or dumped.

    • The oceanside plant leaks like a sieve.

    • Following the earthquake, a tsunami swept entire towns and ocean communities out to sea. This debris field is still out there sloshing around as it is carried east towards the U.S.. It is already beginning to wash ashore in Alaska and British Columbia.

    • The Japanese government has decided to incinerate all land-based earthquake and tsunami debris. The resulting highly radioactive ash is being dumped in Tokyo Bay.

Read the full article here.


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Scientists: UN Soldiers Brought Deadly Cholera Superbug to Americas
January 12, 2012

The juicy parts:

"Compelling new scientific evidence suggests United Nations peacekeepers have carried a virulent strain of cholera -- a superbug -- into the Americas for the first time."

"The vicious form of cholera has already killed 7,000 people in Haiti, where it surfaced in a remote village in October 2010."

"Leading researchers from Harvard Medical School and elsewhere told ABC News that, despite UN denials, there is now a mountain of evidence suggesting the strain originated in Nepal, and was carried to Haiti by Nepalese soldiers who came to Haiti to serve as UN peacekeepers after the earthquake that ravaged the country on 1/12/2010 ..."

"Haiti had never seen a case of cholera until the arrival of the peacekeepers, who allegedly failed to maintain sanitary conditions at their base."

"What scares me is that the strain from South Asia has been recognized as more virulent, more capable of causing severe disease, and more transmissible," said John Mekalanos, who chairs the Department of Microbiology and Immunobiology at Harvard Medical School. "These strains are nasty. So far there has been no secondary outbreak. But Haiti now represents a foothold for a particularly dangerous variety of this deadly disease."

"More than 500,000 Haitians have been infected, and Mekalanos said a handful of victims who contracted cholera in Haiti have now turned up in Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and in Boston, Miami and New York, but only in isolated cases."

What you need to know:

  • This is a hot potato subject that the United Nations is naturally ducking. More than half a million have been infected, thousands dead. The liability and restitution claims are beginning to take shape.
  • The UN says there is no way to be conclusive as to how cholera was introduced into this hemisphere. Really?

    "ABC News has interviewed several top scientists involved in researching the origins of the cholera outbreak, and each expressed little doubt that the UN troop was responsible. The reason: A genetic analysis of the strain found in Haiti matches identically the one involved in an outbreak in Nepal in August and September of 2010; The Nepalese peacekeeping troops deployed for Haiti at precisely that time; Two weeks before the outbreak, Haitians had reported sanitary breakdowns at the Nepalese encampment set along a tributary to the Artibonite River, about 60 miles north of the capital Port Au Prince. The next month, the earliest cases of cholera surfaced in the same remote area, from Haitians who had been drinking and bathing in the river."

Read the full article here.

Saudi Arabia on Nuclear Watch ?
January 18, 2012

The juicy parts:

It seems Saudi Arabia is feeling a tad bit vulnerable with their hated neighbor Iran close to being inducted into the world nuclear club. According to the Washington Times:

"U.S. intelligence agencies are closely watching Saudi Arabia for signs that the oil-rich kingdom will seek to develop nuclear weapons, amid tensions in the region centered on Iran’s nuclear program."

"One key warning sign was the cooperation agreement signed Sunday in Riyadh by China and Saudi Arabia."

"According to the Saudi Jedda News, the agreement will seek joint development of “atomic energy for peaceful purposes, which will help to meet the kingdom’s rising demand for energy and cut its growing dependence on "depleting resources.”

Saudi Arabia, home to some of the most prolific oil fields in the world, is concerned about their growing dependence on oil and gas? This is about as absurd as Iran claiming their nuclear program is for peaceful energy related purposes when they are also a major oil and natural gas producing nation.

Read the full article here.


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