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Sept 14, 2013
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Do You Really Think It Is About Chemical Weapons?
Sept 14, 2013
What You Need to Know
Between Sept 7 and Sept 14, 2013, AlertsUSA issued the following
Flash message to subscriber mobile devices:

Israeli diplomatic facilities and Jewish communities worldwide heighten security measures and alert levels for Yom Kippur (Fri - Sat evening ).

US diplomatic & military posts worldwide on heightened alert. Multiple bomb threats rptd across US. AlertsUSA monitoring each. Will rpt anything of substance.

Russia urges Assad to put chemical weapons under international control to avert US strikes, Assad threatens chemical warfare if attacked. Developing.


Despite the appearance of a detente of sorts having been reached in Syria, AlertsUSA cautions readers that this situation is far from over and the prospect of US military action remains very real.

When one looks deeper than the superficial mainstream narrative it becomes clear that despite the Syrian governments' stated willingness to sign the Chemical Weapons Convention and place their chemical weapons stockpile under international control for destruction, the reality is that this is highly unlikely to happen and negotiations between the U.S. and Russia are merely a tactic by all parties to buy time and maneuver.

Disarm During a Civil War? Really?

It is estimated that Syria possess in excess of 1000 tons of chemical agents. This stockpile is reported to be spread between more than 50 locations around the country and does not include manufacturing facilities or the delivery mechanisms.Defense and intelligence officials readily admit that locating and securing this stockpile would take tens of thousands of troops, from some country, and months of effort. Then comes the task of safely destroying the stockpile which itself could take years. This part of the mission would also require specialized industrial facilities which currently do not exist in Syria. And all of this is expected to take place during a bloody civil war which, prior to the claims of chemical weapons use, had already seen more than 150,000 killed, tens of thousands injured and more than two million people displaced? This is highly doubtful

Assad Demands

Next, we consider that late this week, Syrian President Bashir Assad, perhaps emboldened by President Obama's backtracking on red lines, threats and ultimate punt to Congress, laid out his own set of demands before turning over chemical weapons.

These include, but are not limited to the U.S. removing the threat of military force and that they stop arming rebel fighters, as well as that Israel first sign the Chemical Weapons Convention as well as give up its nuclear weapons. Israel has already stated adamantly that they have no intention of ratifying the chemical arms treaty before their hostile neighbors. Further, while Israel does not publicly acknowledge possessing nuclear weapons, it is commonly known that the nation does in fact posses a formidable, very modern nuclear deterrent. Considering the global adversity Israel faces, it is inconceivable they would ever give up the capability.

True Motives

AlertsUSA asks readers to consider a few realities about the Syrian conflict. Truth be told, U.S. and Russian interests in Syria have very little to do with the use of chemical weapons and the heartstring-pulling news stories of dead babies. Again, prior to the claims of chemical weapons use, their two year long civil war had already claimed the lives of more than 150,000, left tens of thousands injured and more than two million people displaced. Are we really expected to believe that the use of chemical weapons, instead of bullets and bombs, is the real reason for our involvement even after prosecuting two full blown wars over the last decade?

Hardly. There is far more in play.

As previously reported by AlertsUSA, major new oil and gas pipelines being constructed in Syria, the resulting trillions of dollars in energy revenues and the pockets into which those revenues flow, will be decided by the outcome of the Syrian conflict. It will either be the U.S. and it's allies, or Russia, their state run gas company Gazprom and their allies. In this light, it should be no surprise why the Arab Gulf states have offered to fund a U.S. military campaign in Syria.

We can add to this the massive oil and gas fields discovered in 2009 off the coast of Israel. Historically an importer of oil and gas, Israel will soon become an energy exporter and a major player in the world oil and gas market.

As for domestic reasons, the simple undeniable fact is that the U.S. government needs another war in order to justify the ongoing printing of money. If not, the government is immediately broke. The printing must continue in order to fund the extraordinary levels of deficit spending, the servicing of existing debt and the government's purchases of their own treasuries since foreign buyers are rapidly drying up. This is over and above the need to deflect the public's attention from the worsening domestic economy.

For these and many other reasons, another war involving the U.S. is essentially a foregone conclusion. There simply are no other viable solutions. Congress knows this, as does the President. Do not get lost in the daily smoke screen. Keep the broader picture in mind. Chemical weapons and dead babies are merely the excuse being used, regardless of your approval or lack thereof.

The grand danger this time around is that while the Syrian conflict is essentially a proxy war between the U.S. and Russia, things could spin out of control rather quickly and result in direct exchanges between the two nuclear powers.

AlertsUSA continues to monitor the situation and will notify subscribers of important breaking developments as events warrant.

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