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January 15, 2022
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NATO: The Risk of Conflict in Europe is Real - ALLOW IMAGES

War Drums In Eastern Europe

January 15, 2022
Between January 9-12, the following related Flash SMS
message were sent to AlertsUSA subscriber mobile devices:

1/9 - NATO Gen. Secretary Jens Stoltenberg warns Moscow that the defense pact was prepared for “a new armed conflict in Europe” should negotiations over Ukraine fail.

1/12 - US Embassy Ukraine issues security alert warning of further unusual Russian military activity near Ukraine’s borders and in occupied Crimea. More via email.

What You Need To Know

On Wednesday, AlertsUSA subscribers were notified of a security alert issued by the US Embassy in Ukraine warning of further unusual Russian military activity near Ukraine’s borders and in occupied Crimea.

According to the alert message:

"The Department of State advises U.S. citizens to reconsider travel to Ukraine due to increased threats from Russia. Concerning reports of further unusual Russian military activity near Ukraine’s borders and in occupied Crimea continue, and U.S. citizens are reminded the security conditions may change with little or no notice."

Earlier in the week, the Russian military announced live fire exercises near Ukraine, its second live fire exercises in a single month. The Defense Ministry said thousands of troops and hundreds of T-72B3 main battle tanks and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles would be involved in the exercise spanning five regions.

On Thursday, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters that the threat of a Russian military invasion of Ukraine is “high” and stressed that the U.S. and its European allies are prepared for “any contingency.”

Sullivan described talks involving the U.S., NATO and Russia over the past week as “frank and direct” but said that there has not been an agreement between U.S. and Russian officials for more meetings or discussions.

On Friday, the Biden administration accused Moscow of sending saboteurs into eastern Ukraine to stage an incident that could provide Russian President Vladimir Putin with a pretext for ordering an invasion of parts or all of the country.

The White House did not release details of the evidence it had collected to back up its charge, though the New York Times quotes one unnamed White House official as saying the United States had “information that indicates Russia has already per-positioned a group of operatives to conduct a false-flag operation in eastern Ukraine.”

Readers will recall that Washington has proclaimed an “ironclad commitment” to Ukraine's security.

Last month, the RAND Corporation published an analysis of how such an invasion could unfold, starting with massive cyber and electronic warfare tools and long-range precision-guided munitions. On Thursday of this week, Ukraine was hit with a massive cyberattack targeting government and military websites.

A likely Western response to new Russian aggression may be expanded training and equipping of Ukrainian forces plus imposition of financial and economic sanctions on Russia. If Ukraine's circumstances became more dire, the United States or NATO allies could intervene with their own forces. This would be a dangerous development potentially leading to a wider European conflict, perhaps even risking a Russian nuclear threat.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that in 2014 “we were ready” to put nuclear weapons on alert. In 2018, Putin showed a boastful video simulating a nuclear-armed missile attacking Florida.

On Friday, the German publication DER SPIEGEL reported on concerns within NATO leadership that Russian forces could use their recently increased presence in the Mediterranean, the North Atlantic and the Arctic to strike on a broad front – even targeting NATO member states.

AlertsUSA continues to monitor the domestic and international threat environment around the clock and will immediately notify service subscribers, via SMS messages to their mobile devices, of new alerts, warnings and advisories or any developments which signal a change the overall threat picture for American citizens as events warrant.


1/10 - CDC issues Level 4 travel health notice for Canada, urges avoiding all travel to the country due to very high level of COVID transmission. More via email.

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Colorized scanning electron micrograph of an apoptotic cell (purple) infected with SARS-COV-2 virus particles (blue), isolated from a patient sample. Image captured at the NIAID Integrated Research Facility (IRF) in Fort Detrick, Maryland. Credit: NIAID - ALLOW IMAGES

Coronavirus Quick Hits

January 15, 2022


According to data provided by the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, as of Friday evening there have been more than 849,000 total deaths in the U.S. attributed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Late last week, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky made the stunning admission that 75% of COVID deaths in the U.S. occurred in people who had at least four co-morbidities.

COVID-19 cases continue to increase rapidly across the U.S., though this increase in case count is directly proportional to testing density. The increase in testing density is a direct result of local, state and federal vaccine or testing mandates, in addition to the fear porn being pushed various government entities and the mainstream media. As such, it is an unreliable indicator.

Additionally, amid surging demand for rapid COVID-19 antigen tests, a small real-world study suggests they may not be a reliable tool to curb transmission.


COVID-19 infections are increasing in Canada. There have been more than 31,000 COVID-attributed deaths reported in the country since the pandemic began.


While fatalities are plummeting, Mexico leads in new reported COVID-19 deaths, followed by Brazil and Columbia. Across the region, more than 1,566,000 deaths have been attributed to the virus.


New cases are rising fast across Europe. Russia still leads the region in COVID-related fatalities, followed by Poland, UK and Germany. As of January 14, more than 1,914,000 COVID - attributed deaths have been reported across the region since the pandemic began.


Supreme court blocks Biden's OSHA vaxx mandate
Biden admin compiling database of religious objectors to vaccine
EMA warns frequent COVID-19 boosters adversely affect immune response
Fauci warns of ‘urgent need’ for super vaccine as other variants emerge
Unvaccinated Quebecers will have to pay a health tax
If you are a vaccine company exec, it's time to slam the brakes
Nasal spray could protect against all COVID-19 variants for 8 hours: study
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin tests positive for COVID-19
Canada flip flops on trucker vaccine mandate after stating it would scrap it


Discordant SARS-CoV-2 PCR and Rapid Antigen Test Results
When Infectious: A December 2021 Occupational Case Series


According to the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) between mid-December 2020 and December 3 of this year, more than 1,016,000 adverse events have been reported following COVID19 vaccinations. As it is estimated that only 1% of adverse events are recorded into the system, these numbers could be significantly higher.

Reports of adverse events to VAERS following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem.

Current VAERS reports (U.S. only) related to COVID-19 vaccines incl:

Deaths: 9,778
Hospitalizations: 46,755
Urgent Care: 89,025
Anaphylaxis: 2,253
Bell's Palsy: 2,960
Miscarriages: 1,509
Heart Attacks: 4,825
Myo/Pericarditis: 4,532

World Health Organization
Centers for Disease Control (U.S.)
Johns Hopkins CSSE (Interactive map)

An F-35A drops an inert B61-12 bomb during an flight tests. - ALLOW IMAGES

Commentary / Analysis / Research

January 15, 2022

Predicting 2022 – China's Year of the Tiger

According to the Chinese calendar, 2022 is the Year of the Tiger. 2022 is the year where America finally goes big against China. China will also go big against the U.S. and Taiwan. Here are the developments that will push America to confront China's malign and dangerous behavior and, in an upcoming article, those that will push China to go big.


Senator Releases Explosive Info on Migrant No-Shows

In an October 19 letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) asked DHS about illegal migrants released by CBP on parole, and with so-called “notices to report” (NTRs) who failed to subsequently report to ICE offices, as required. DHS eventually responded, and on January 11, Sen. Johnson issued a release summarizing that response, which is explosive.


2021 Deadliest Year for Law Enforcement

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) reports 2021 was the deadliest year for law enforcement officers on record. According to the recently released 2021 Law Enforcement Officers Fatalities Report, law enforcement line-of-duty deaths totaled 458 federal, state, tribal and local law enforcement officers in 2021. This is an increase of 55% from the 295 officers killed during the same period last year and is the highest total line-of-duty officer deaths since 1930 when there were 312 fatalities. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)-related fatalities were the leading cause of law enforcement officer deaths over the past year.


Fleet and Marine Tracker Map as of Jan 10, 2022.  - ALLOW IMAGES
USNI Fleet and Marine Tracker
January 15, 2022

These are the approximate positions of the U.S. Navy’s deployed carrier strike groups and amphibious ready groups throughout the world as of Jan 10, 2022 based on U.S. Navy, public data provided by the U.S. Naval Institute, and open source reporting. In cases where a CSG or ARG is conducting disaggregated operations, the chart reflects the location of the capital ship.

A formation of MC-130J Commando II’s fly together during the ‘Flight of the Flock’ off the coast of Okinawa, Japan, Jan. 7, 2022. - ALLOW IMAGES
World News Roundup
January 15, 2022


Russia threatens military deployment to Cuba and Venezuela
US Senate votes against Nord Stream 2 sanctions
Desperate for more recruits, Army offers $50,000 signing bonus
Biden team weighs killing Trump’s new nuclear weapons
White House slams Trump’s Iran pullout as prospects to save nuclear deal dim
TVA seeks to boost Watts Bar Nuclear Plant tritium output for military
Iran, Venezuela and Sudan and others lose UN voting rights over back dues


War in Ukraine is 'just days away
Headed to disaster? US, Russia harden stances in talks
Finland not negotiating about NATO membership
Sweden boosts patrols on Gotland amid Russia tensions
Europe at greatest risk of war in 30 years, Poland warns
Russia could break off relations if US sanctions Putin – Kremlin
Russia won’t rule out military deployment to Cuba, Venezuela
'Havana syndrome': US baffled after new cases in Europe
Talks between Russia, US and NATO on security guarantees deadlocked
Senior U.S. diplomat says talks with Russia on the verge of collapse
Russia could break off relations if US sanctions Putin – Kremlin
Russia is our enemy too, say Muslim fighters readying for war in Ukraine
Russia responds to US demands on military exercises
Russia not intimidated by threat of ‘crippling’ sanctions – ambassador


Kenya is in a national blackout loss of high-voltage transmission line
Iraqi officials: 4 rockets target US Embassy in Baghdad
Two IDF commando officers killed in friendly fire incident at West Bank base
Drone strikes kill 19 in Ethiopia's Tigray: aid workers, doctor
Car bomb hits outside Mogadishu airport in Somalia; 8 killed
At UN security council, Africans urge support for ECOWAS Mali sanctions
Hamas claims it has captured an 'Israeli spy dolphin


North Korea carries out its third missile test in a week
North Korea says it test launched missiles from train
Russian troops begin leaving Kazakhstan after government restores control
Blinken: North Korea missile tests 'profoundly destabilizing'
US Afghanistan aid going directly to Taliban, nonprofits warn
N. Korea warns US after new sanctions follow ballistic missile launches
Taiwan passes extra US$8.6 billion defense budget as China threat grows

AmRRON - A Nationwide Emergency Communications Network for Preppers & Patriots - ALLOW IMAGES

Book - Three Seconds Until Midnight by Dr. Steven Hatfill et al..

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Travel Security Resources

Department of State Seal - ALLOW IMAGES

The U.S. Dept. of State Travel Website is the authoritative federal source for information on the security situation at travel destinations worldwide. With tensions rapidly increasing in most regions, readers planning international travel, even to such common destinations as Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean Islands, are strongly encouraged to research on the security situation at your destination prior to departure.

Active USGOV Travel Notices
Worldwide Caution

Active USGOV Travel Advisories
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Dynamic Map

Other USGOV Travel Resources
Traveler's Checklist
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Faith-Based Travel Information
Information for Women Travelers
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Overseas Security Advisory Council Logo - ALLOW IMAGES

The Department of State’s Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) provides a variety of resources to enhance the safety and security of the U.S. private sector businesses and organizations operating abroad.


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website is the authoritative federal source for information on current health issues related to specific destinations worldwide. These issues may arise from disease outbreaks, special events or gatherings, natural disasters, or other conditions that may affect travelers’ health.

Foreign Sources of Travel Guidance

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