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February 16, 2012
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Alert Details: Fission at Fukushima? Xenon-133, -135 Detected
AlertsUSA Alert Issued February 14, 2012

Alert Details: Fukushima #2 Core Temperature Rising
AlertsUSA Alert Issued February 13, 2012

Alert Details: Zawahiri Announces Addition of al Shabab to al Qaeda
AlertsUSA Alert Issued February 09, 2012

DHS 'Concerned' Over Threats From Iran
AlertsUSA Alert Issued February 15, 2012

Alert Details:

On Feb. 13th and 14th, 2012, AlertsUSA issued the following Flash messages to subscriber mobile devices:

TEPCO reports Xenon-133, -135 detected at Fukushima Daiichi #2, signaling high likelihood of resumption of fission process. Monitoring..

AlertsUSA is monitoring ongoing sit at Fukushima #2. Reactor temp has been gradually rising, then jumps to over 400C. TEPCO says poss bad sensor. Developing..

Some additional info:

  • Temperature sensors in reactor #2 began rising from 50C on Feb., 1, to 70C by Feb. 6.

  • By Feb., 12, the temperature sensors was reading more than 250 C.

  • On Feb., 14, the temperature sensors went offscale at 400C.

  • TEPCO indicates that the readings are the result of a faulty sensor.

  • Questions remain as to how accurate any of the temperature measurements are as the core of Reactor #2 is believed to have experienced a complete meltdown, and possibly even a melt-through. So if the fuel rods are supposed to have melted, and the actual location of the corium mass is not even known (because radiation levels are too high to get anywhere close), how can any of these temperature measurements be reliable?

  • Additionally, the presence of Xenon was detected. Xenon isotopes Xe-133 and Xe-135 are products of the nuclear fission process.

  • On February 14, TEPCO released the results of tests run on filters from the previous day. Those tests show the presence of both Xe-133 and Xe-135.

Read an excellent article on the situation here.


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Alert Details:

On Feb 9, 2012, AlertsUSA issued the following Flash message to subscribers:

Al Qaeda #1 Ayman al Zawahiri (UBL successor) appears in new video announcing Somali-based al Shabab terror org has formally joined al Qaeda. Developing ...

Some additional info:

  • "The disturbing truth is that al-Shabab has had more success recruiting Americans than any of al Qaeda's other franchises."
  • [al-Shabab's ranks] include around 40 Americans, in addition to dozens more involved in support activities on U.S. soil, as well as those with more casual connections to the United States. That support network dwarfs the American presence in "al Qaeda Central," which was largely terminated after the 9/11 attacks.
  • "Al-Shabab's numbers and its extensive support network mean al Qaeda is now better positioned to carry out strikes on the U.S. homeland than at any point in the last 10 years. The majority of al-Shabab's American recruits are ethnic Somalis -- first- and second-generation immigrants with still-fresh ties to their ancestral home...”
  • Most Somali immigrants were refugees displaced as a result of their civil war.
  • While the number of Somali immigrants in the U.S. varies according to who is counting, the numbers range from 40K-150K with the largest concentration located in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.
  • It is within those Somali communities that you will find most of the Somali gangs, which are rapidly growing in size and reputation.
  • The 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment (NGTA) provides a stark overview of Somali gang activity here in the U.S., including drug and weapons trafficking, human trafficking trafficking of females across jurisdictional and state borders for prostitution, credit card fraud, homicides and other violent crime.
  • According to the NGTA, Somali gangs are most prevalent in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, San Diego, CA, and Seattle, WA, primarily as a result of proximity to the Mexican and Canadian borders, according to ICE, NGIC, and law enforcement reporting. The presence of Somali gangs is also noted in Nashville, TN, Clarkston, GA, Columbus, OH, East Brunswick, NJ and Tucson, AZ.

Editors Notes:

This is a dangerous development that is heavily on the mind of domestic counterterror officials. Keep in mind that al-Qaeda is known to have very close ties to Iran. That would be the same Iran who also has close ties to Hezbollah, who themselves are known to be spread throughout the United States, Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

Read an excellent analysis of overall merger announcement here.


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DHS 'Concerned' Over Threats From Iran
February 15, 2012

The juicy parts:

"Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Wednesday told a House panel she is "concerned" over potential threats to the U.S. homeland from Iran or its surrogates and it's 'a situation that bears watching.'"

Secretary Napolitano said her department is "'conducting a lot of outreach' to Jewish communities across the country to address any concerns after car bombs in two countries overseas targeted Israeli officials and Iranian nationals set off explosions in Thailand."

Secretary Napolitano said her department and the FBI are "'constantly monitoring' the activities of Iran's proxy group in Lebanon, Hezbollah."

The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee "expressed serious concern over what he called a 'pending or possible threat' from Iran's proxies, saying 'the threat of Hezbollah seems to have emerged (now) more than' ever during the past decade."

"Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., noted last year's foiled plot to allegedly assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States on U.S. soil, adding, 'Now with the increased tension in the Middle East, I believe that there is a growing, growing threat from Hezbollah.'"

Editors Notes:

Readers are reminded that the dangers posed to the homeland by Iran and it's proxies such as Hezbollah (and as the previous article points out, the new Somali additions to al-Qaeda) are very real.

While the war with Iran has effectively already begun, it is reasonable to expect that once critical infrastructure and facilities associated with the nuclear program begin being transformed into rubble, Iran will respond.

Read the full article here.



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