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Aug 24, 2013
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Leaking Fuushima Water Tanks- ALLOW IMAGES
Fukushima Leak Declared Level 3 INES Event
Aug 24, 2013
What You Need to Know
On Aug 20, 2013, AlertsUSA issued the following
Flash message to subscriber mobile devices:

Japan gov raises severity of Fukushima radioactive water leaks to 3 (SERIOUS) on Int'l Nuclear Event Scale. Prev at Level 1. More info in next Threat Journal..


On Tues of this week, AlertsUSA subscribers were notified via text messages to their mobile devices that Japan's nuclear agency has upgraded the severity level of a radioactive water leak at the Fukushima plant from level one to a level three (Serious) incident on the International Nuclear Event Scale. According to the Int'l Atomic Energy Agency, each one-step INES increase represents a 10-fold increase in severity.

The Chairman of Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority, Shunichi Tanaka, likened the stricken nuclear plant to a house of horrors at an amusement park. "I don't know if describing it this way is appropriate, but it's like a haunted house and, as I've said, mishaps keep happening one after the other."

It is estimated that at least 300 tons of highly radioactive water has leaked from a storage tank. The water is so radioactive that teams of workers must be constantly rotated and it is clear that most of the toxic water has already disappeared into the ground. TEPCO has admitted it has yet to identify the cause of the leak, nor can they assure that any of the dozens of other hastily assembled storage tanks are not leaking as well.

For clarity, this water leakage problem is in addition to the other recent stories about groundwater flow around and beneath the plant and into the Pacific (see this and this) .

In related news,

In June of last year, Threat Journal reported on research conducted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and several foreign scientists showing that severely contaminated Pacific ocean waters would reach the west coast of the U.S. approximately three years after the initial disaster.

New research published this month in a Chinese earth sciences journal (see the full paper posted on a private blog here) is providing stark confirmation of the NOAA findings and adds to the body of scientific evidence showing that contaminated water moving across the Pacific is NOT being heavily dispersed and diluted as is the standard media narrative, but in fact stays fairly well consolidated in a plume that heads straight across the Pacific with very little dispersion. The net result of both the U.S. and Chinese studies show that due to the movement of currents, waters off the U.S. west coast could experience contamination levels approximately 10 times that of coastal Japan.

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Map of Middle East - ALLOW IMAGES
Is the U.S. Preparing to Strike Syria?
Aug 24, 2013
What You Need to Know

By now most have heard about the claims of more use of chemical weapons in Syria and the resulting deaths of approximately 1300 people, including hundreds of children. The Assad government and Russia are blaming the rebels who are backed by the U.S. and European nations, while the rebels are accusing Assad's army.

Syrian President Bashar Assad has vehemently denied using chemical weapons against civilians in the rebel stronghold known as Ghouta. He claims that rebels staged the attacks, or has faked the videos, in an attempt to prompt the international community to intervene in the civil war.

The U.N. Security Council called an emergency meeting Wednesday afternoon to debate the allegations. Samantha Power, America's new UN ambassador, was not present at the meeting. She was on vacation.

On Thursday UN secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon, called on the Syrian government to allow inspectors access to the Damascus suburbs that came under attack. The inspectors are already in Syria, having only recently been granted access following claims of chemical weapons use months ago.

As of the time of this report's preparation, the Assad government has not granted permission requested by the UN, nor is it expected.

Readers might find it interesting the Islamic politics and cultural website "Islamic Invitation Turkey" is reporting that several videos of the chemical weapons attack aftermath were uploaded to the Internet one day before the attacks supposedly even took place. The video playlist is here. The attack reportedly happened on Aug. 21. But the videos are dated Aug 20th.

On the flip side, France's second largest daily newspaper, Le Figaro, is reporting that the reason for Assad's alleged use of chemical weapons was that U.S. troops were already operating in Syria and Western trained guerillas were advancing on Damascus. (Do you understand French? Read the original article here.)

Just as with all other wars large and small, disinformation and propaganda are currently in full swing. Regardless of how all of this shakes out, it is clear that the likelihood of open U.S. involvement in this conflict is only a matter of time.

And that time my be soon. Multiple news organizations late Friday night were reporting that the Western intelligence sources had verified use of chemical weapons and the U.S. was preparing for missile strikes in Syria. As we all know it is bad tradecraft to telegraph military strikes, the release of the information must be intended to achieve additional objectives.

AlertsUSA continues to monitor this situation and will provide additional details and alerts to subscribers as events warrant.

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