FBI Warning U.S. College Students of Foreign Intelligence Threats Abroad

This week the FBI began publicly warning U.S. college students traveling or studying abroad to be aware that they are tempting and vulnerable targets for recruitment by foreign intelligence officers whose long-term goal is to gain access to sensitive or classified U.S. information. The FBI, as the lead counterintelligence agency in the U.S., has ramped up efforts to educate American university students preparing to study abroad about the dangers of knowingly or unknowingly getting caught up in espionage activities.

As part of these efforts, the FBI has created a page on their website providing a number of excellent resources to help American students traveling overseas to recognize when they’re being targeted and/or recruited.

PARENTS: As the FBI says, recruitment IS going on. It is active and the target is young people. If you have college aged children considering study or extended travel abroad, open their eyes to this threat for which they need to be aware. Send them off wise and prepared.

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