Poverty ‘Root Cause of Terrorism’

In a meeting with his Vatican counterpart on Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry made the following statement during a press gathering:

“We talked about the common interest of Pope Francis and President Obama in addressing poverty and extreme poverty on a global basis. [......] And so we have a huge common interest in dealing with this issue of poverty, which in many cases is the root cause of terrorism or even the root cause of the disenfranchisement of millions of people on this planet.”


Was this a slip? Or perhaps the Administration’s first introduction of some new policy direction? Perhaps excuse making for the Religion of Peace?

John Kerry is well aware that each and every word coming out of his mouth, particularly to the press, will be closely scrutinized. He learned this well serving decades in Congress. As Secretary of State, he is specifically trained and continually counseled on controlling his tongue and choosing his words carefully. Try watching a State Dept. press briefing sometime. Of all branches of government, the State Department is, by far, the most hyper sensitive about public statements and selection of words so as to convey very specific meaning.

With this in mind, I am curious to see what new is coming around the corner. Will this be the new excuse given when a Muslim straps on a bomb-laden vest and blows up a school or train station? Will this be part of the new reasoning given for transferring more wealth to certain unproductive segments of society?

Talk about a hard sell…..