N. Korea Ready for Nuclear Test

Between April 21-24, 2014, AlertsUSA issued the following
related flash messages to subscriber mobile devices:

4/24 US/ROK/JPN mil on high alert as intel suggests DPRK ready for nuclear detonation at Punggye-ri test site. POTUS arrives in ROK shortly for 2 day visit.

4/21 US, Japan & S. Korean military forces on high alert as intel suggests poss pending DPRK nuke test timed for Obama regional visit beginning Tues. Monitoring…


Twice this AlertsUSA subscribers were been notified via text message to their mobile device that US and S. Korean surveillance and intelligence assets indicate N. Korea has completed preparations at the Punggye-ri (Pung-Ga-Re) nuclear test site in the NE of the country and a nuclear detonation appears imminent. The test may be intended to coincide with President Obama’s ongoing visit to the region.

In a briefing for foreign news media on Thursday, a spokesman for S. Korea’s defense ministry says, “It is believed that North Korea has placed detonator, fissile material and measurement devices in the tunnel and sealed it.”

According to a new unclassified analysis by the U.S. Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, considered the premier U.S. think tank on the region, prior to the February 2013 nuclear test, preparations appeared to peak 2-3 days before the detonation followed by the withdrawal of all equipment, vehicles and personnel immediately before the blast.

At the time of this report’s preparation on Friday, President Obama was halfway though a two-day visit to S. Korea to discuss regional security and economic issues. Earlier in the week, President Obama was in Japan to discuss trade and security matters. While the President came away empty handed on new trade deals, he did publicly affirm that the U.S. was committed to coming to Japan’s defense in the event of conflict, including over a group of disputed islands at the heart of a bitter dispute with China. His comments drew a swift rebuke from Beijing.

AlertsUSA continues to closely monitor the events in the Western Pacific and will immediately notify service subscribers of changes in the overall threat environment or reports of a nuclear detonation as events warrant.