Kerry Offers to Put U.S. Troops in Palestine

The word is that SecState Kerry is offering U.S. troops in a “We’ll protect you” gesture.

The State Department is not commenting on reports that Secretary of State John Kerry’s proposed framework for a final peace deal between Israel and a Palestinian state that would have American troops pulling security in the Jordan Valley. Kerry supposedly would have U.S. troops in the Jordan Valley to prevent anti-Israel elements coming out of Jordan reaching Israel through the new state, according to reports in the London-based daily A-Sharq al-Awsat and Debkafile, an Israeli intelligence and security news service.

Both outlets indicated Kerry’s move was owed to Palestinian insistence that Israel remove all its forces and settlements from the valley as part of a final peace deal.

During a State Department press conference on Monday, Deputy Spokeswoman Marie Harf would not comment on questions relating to the framework that Kerry will be proposing.

The Times of Israel quoted the former commander of the IDF in the West Bank as saying Israeli security requires Israeli troops along the valley.

“I wouldn’t rely on foreign forces,” Maj. Gen.  Avi Mizrahi said. “Our history shows that every time the deployment of international forces was tried in one form or another, their output in the field was not what we wanted. We need to rely on ourselves.”

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