Russia Bus Bombing Kills at Least 14

Incident follows suicide bombing in Volgograd train station one day prior. Country on alert. Concerns growing for safety of Sochi Winter Olympics just weeks away.

A terrorist attack in the Russian city of Volgograd has killed at least 14 passengers on a trolley bus. The explosion comes a day after a suicide bombing in the city which killed 17 people and injured scores of others.

Health officials reported 14 fatalities in Monday morning’s blast, two of whom died in hospital from the wounds they sustained. 41 survived the blast, with 27 being treated in hospital, according to the latest update. It is feared that the death toll will rise.

An infant aged around five to seven months is among the survivors. Doctors are fighting to save the baby’s life, who is in a coma.

The identity of the baby has not been established yet. It is feared that its parents were killed in the explosion.

There is also a pregnant woman and two 16-year-olds among the survivors. The woman’s life is not in danger. She has been transferred to a prenatal center in Volgograd.

The Russia’s Foreign Ministry likened the Volgograd bombing to “terrorist attacks” in the US, Syria or elsewhere, organized by groups with the “same motivator”, and vowed not to retreat.

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